Canada Seeks to Ban Foreign Buyers in Housing Market

There have been many complaints over the years about the Canadian housing market. Many young professionals today are priced out of the market and things are continually getting more expensive for renters too.

We have heard plenty of times about plans for affordable housing coming around, where is it? Solutions are needed desperately for the many people across the country who are struggling with a large portion of their income going toward shelter costs alone.

Recently, it was announced that the country would ban foreign buyers from buying homes in the country, with a number of exceptions allowed, and this would last for a period of 2 years.

The ban is effectively supposed to restrict individuals outside the country and commercial enterprises from buying residential properties around Canada.

One recent report from around Dec 2022 stated that you need to make at least $108k per year to buy a home in Canada. This figure is out of reach for many and would take years for a down payment to be saved up, in that time prices might still climb and their goal could get further away.

If anyone was expecting a quick fix to the housing market it doesn’t look like it is coming anytime soon. Politicians have been talking about affordable housing for years now and the issue has only arguably seemed to worsen. Housing costs and rent costs are a key issue for many Canadians as they are concerned about the cost of living and want to see a brighter future ahead that might include a higher standard of living with potential home-ownership. Will this new ban have any meaningful effect?

The other policies that have been tried in recent years haven’t seemed to turn the market on housing around either. Will this one be any different? Some Canadians have suggested it is long overdue and might just be too little too late.


Christmas Lights Around the City

One of the best Christmas Lights Events is one that is free and surrounding a beautiful area, like those at Lafarge Lake in BC.

Even in the rain it is still worth a visit to the park to see the Christmas lights and displays that they have up.

Lafarge Lake is a beautiful large space that gets decorated with many different lights this time of year and families can find a great place to walk around and enjoy some festive sights.

You might recognize some decorations from years prior at this free Christmas Lights event going on around Vancouver.


Inflation cutting into holiday spending for Canadians

A number of Canadians are looking forward to the holiday season this year but they might be spending a little less because of the inflation and increased cost of living that we have seen in recent years.


Inflation has prompted many Canadians to see an increase in the cost of living, from food to rent and more, it has become increasingly difficult for those on a fixed income or low wage to absorb these changes. Many Canadians have been going to food banks because they cannot afford the food prices these days. Food banks have seen record-breaking visits.

With the pain and suffering that inflation has inflicted upon so many it cannot come as much surprise that Canadians would be looking to spend less this year during the holiday season.

A lot can go into getting ready for the holiday season, especially if you are having guests or family over and are planning on putting on some sort of dinner or celebration.

The costs can quickly add up for decorations, food, drinks, and presents etc. As well as other small costs that you might find in-between while preparing for the holidays. Inflation cutting into the budgets of many can only mean one thing and that is reassessing priorities, buying a lot of holiday gifts might not be high on the list.

Some Canadians plan on spending less this holiday season

According to one recent survey it looks like about half of Canadians are planning on spending less this year.

A number of Canadians feel worse off this year than they were last year and so that is a clear motivation for them to try to stay away from spending what they don’t have during the holiday season.

The malls have still been crowded though with holiday shoppers looking for a deal and trying to save money while preparing for the holiday season.


Previous surveys on the topic of Christmas have also shared some insight on how many feel that the holiday has somewhat lost its meaning, that it has become more about giving gifts than anything else. It has been too commercialized and there is a lot of pressure to spend.

With inflation pushing the price of gifts and dinners up, among other things, we can expect that many Canadians are going to be turning to community resources like food banks this holiday season to try and supplement their needs.

Hundreds of complaints over snowy sidewalks

City staff in Vancouver have recently let it be known that hundreds of complaints have come in over snowy sidewalks after snow had fallen recently around the Lower Mainland here in British Columbia.

Those complaints about snowy sidewalks apparently prompted hundreds of inspections too but news reports suggest that no fines yet had been made in the matter.

There might be many who are unfamiliar with the expected need of clearing the sidewalk and when the snow does start falling it can become incredibly difficult for many to make their way around the public streets, especially those who struggle with disabilities and cannot access the sidewalk entirely during those snowstorms.


For those who fail to clear the sidewalks properly they might end up seeing hundreds of dollars in fines over it.

While you will see many who don’t make the effort there are a number that do take the time to promptly go out and clear the driveway, making sure the sidewalk is cleared and salted for those who are passing by.

For those who struggle to get out and clear there are also Snow Angel programs that look to link-up volunteers to clear the path with those who can’t do it themselves. This is a great way to help seniors and others who might need some extra assistance with keeping the sidewalks cleared.

The snow fell recently around the Lower Mainland and quickly made a mess of driving conditions, with some people taking a lot longer than usual to get home on their normal routes.

Canadian Hospitals Consider Hiring Back Unvaccinated Workers

Some hospitals around Canada might be considering hiring back unvaccinated workers in the face of shortages that they have been dealing with.

An effort has been ongoing to see those workers reinstated to their positions with a Hire back our Heroes initiative.

Could those who had been let go because of their vaccination choice be considered once more in places like Ontario, BC, or other provinces, because of the health-care shortages that have been so widely reported on?

There are already a number of healthcare workers who had been hired back in places like Alberta after they were on unpaid leave over their vaccination choice.

There are skilled and ready workers across Canada who can take up those positions and help to get things back on track.


Canada Facing Shortage of Health-care Workers

Some provinces are facing a severe shortage in health-care staff, thousands of workers are needed to help meet the demand.

It is no secret that there is a strain on the system.

A number of companies have also dropped their vaccine requirements too, including TransLink which has decided to drop its vaccination policy for staff and new hires recently.

We have seen unvaccinated workers go back in multiple circumstances to a variety of occupations and if there is a need of health-care workers across Canada, with willing and able individuals who can work those positions, vaccination policies getting in the way could impede the system from working as efficiently as possible.

Canadians deserve better and there are still many health-care workers out there across the country who are waiting to get their jobs back.

Free light displays to enjoy during the holiday season

There are a variety of free light displays to enjoy around the city and you don’t need to spend money to get festive this holiday season.

Lights at Lafarge Lake

One of the best places to go looking for some fantastic holiday lights is the Lights at Lafarge Lake event. It is easy to get to the location by taking public transportation, there are nearby SkyTrain stations and busses that go near the lake too.

Lights at Lafarge is a free holiday light event in Coquitlam, BC.

Lights at Lafarge lake is a great holiday event because the lake is beautiful and it offers a large walking space for you to walk around and enjoy the holiday views.

Mackin Park

Mackin Park is another beautiful holiday light experience in Coquitlam that is free. For the holiday season you can find a variety of lights that have been used to decorate the park, it looks extremely festive this time of year. There is some parking nearby and the park is a beautiful and peaceful space to walk around and enjoy.

Columbia Street in New Westminster

Columbia Street in New Westminster is one of the most festive looking places this time of year, with the lights and small businesses that decorate up and down the street. It can be a wonderful place to go for a stroll in the snow, stop by Waves Coffee and grab a hot chocolate or tea.


There are a wide range of ticketed holiday events to find in Vancouver but what about free Christmas lights events? Some of the best places to go looking for free Christmas lights in Vancouver and free Christmas lights displays is going to different park areas. Lafarge Lake has had one of the best holiday light experiences for families over the years, but it isn’t the only place to see.

Holiday Events Going On Around Vancouver

Bright Nights in Stanley Park

PNE Winter Fair 2022

Glow Langley 2022

Bright Nights in Stanley Park

Bright Nights in Stanley Park has been going on for years now and is one of the most loved events of the holiday season around the Lower Mainland.

Admission by donation

Admission to the holiday Bright Nights event in Vancouver will be by donation and the donation proceeds are planned to be benefitting the BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund.

The smell of roasting chestnuts, the magical light displays, the cute little Christmas train to ride with friends or family, there are many things to love about the Bright Nights in Stanley Park event. It has been around offering great memories for the holiday season for many years now and the chance to enjoy it once more is back again.


Tickets on sale for Bright Nights at Stanley Park

Tickets are already on sale for the 2022 season for Bright Nights at Stanley Park, but don’t expect to see the vintage trains this year.

There will some some food vendors to expect though at this years Bright Nights in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, as well as fantastic light displays too.

Bright Nights 2022 will be running from December 1, 2022 to January 1, 2023

There will be some dates that the event is closed, Monday, December 5, Tuesday, December 6, and Sunday December 25.

This holiday event is the single largest fundraiser for the BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund.

It is a great cause to support and you can have a lot of fun with the family while doing it.


#BCSnow is back again in Lower Mainland

Snow is back in the Lower Mainland and has been falling heavily all day, building up and causing quite a bit of slowed down traffic.

Good Samaritans were seen in different parts of the Lower Mainland doing their part and plowing the sidewalks to help others out in the community. There was also a great deal of traffic and might have taken a bit longer to get home than usual because of the weather.

The snow didn’t come as any surprise to many though, as it has been on the weather warning that snow would eventually hit this week.

The South Coast around BC was expected to be on the lookout for a significant snowfall and it has already started for the winter season. We are now facing a sever winter forecast for snow and there could be more during the week.

Many parts of BC have seen snowfall warnings and winter storm warnings as we brace for the snowstorm ahead leading up to the last month of the year.

Vancouver 2022 PNE Winter Celebration Coming Soon

The PNE is lighting up once more for the holiday season with the PNE Winter Fair 2022 event.

What to expect at Winter Fair PNE 2022

  • Music Entertainment/Concerts
  • Skating
  • Delicious Food
  • A Place for Shopping
  • Fantastic Holiday Lights Displays

When is Winter Fair 2022 Running at the PNE? December 14-23 and the time will be from 4:30 to 10:30pm nightly

Tickets for the PNE Winter Fair 2022 Season are already on sale.

This has been one of the most beloved holiday events of the season in years past and once more you’ve got the opportunity to enjoy the Winter Fair at the PNE for the 2022 season which will be filled with festive fun from food to music and more.

As a part of the event there will be different music concerts taking place at the Pacific Coliseum each night for the PNE Winter Fair.

The concerts have their own ticket price ranging from $39-$69 and those tickets are supposed to also include free admission to for the Vancouver PNE Winter Fair 2022.

The Winter Fair at the PNE for the 2022 season is going to provide a perfect atmosphere to enjoy festive lights, food, and enjoy some family time or some time with friends making unforgettable memories.

From the nightly Tree Lighting Celebration to the holiday markets and array of treats you will be able to find the PNE is once again making it one of the best places to visit during the holiday season in Vancouver.

Holiday Snack Favorites

There are so many great holiday food events and festive snacks to find around this time of year and across BC, especially around the Lower Mainland, you have a wide variety for holiday treats.

One of the most popular of course is the Cranberry Bliss Bar from Starbucks, which you can see above, but there are so many to choose from.

With the Cranberry Bliss Bar it makes a good gift as well because they sell a larger size than just the single portions. Or you might just want to stock up on your own for when the cravings hit.

Nanaimo bars are another holiday favorite at this time of year and you can find them all around the province, a perfect mix of custard, chocolate, and graham cracker crumbs.

You can find Nanaimo bars around various bakeries in the province, including different grocery stores etc.

There are even some delicious premium artisanal Nanaimo Bars to be found out there as well, some Nanaimo bar options that are made with ingredients like maple and Saskatoon berry.

Holiday Treats with Cranberry

Cranberry is all around us this time of year and there are so many great cranberry sweets being served in BC this holiday season. Here are some favorites to try:

  • The Chopped Leaf: Cranberry Pesto Sandwich with chicken, cranberry sauce, pesto, yellow peppers, cheese, and romaine.
  • PappaRoti: Smoked Turkey and Cranberry Sandwich
  • Waves Coffee House: Cranberry Orange Muffin
  • Terra Breads: Roasted Turkey and Cranberry Walnut Chutney Sandwich
  • COBS Bread: Cranberry & Sea Salt French Baguette
  • Creme de la Crumb Bakeshop: Oven-Roasted Turkey Breast and Havarti served on cranberry sourdough bread
  • Chachi’s: Cran & Brie Sandwich
Photo by Mike Knibbs on

Pies, cakes, macarons, nanaimo bars, tarts, and more. There are endless options during this time of year and one of the best businesses to go to for all things pie related is of course The Pile Hole.

They aren’t going to disappoint this holiday season either with their menu of festive pie options like the Gingerbread Cream Pie, Eggnog & Rum Pie, Apple Cranberry Pie, Turkey Dinner Pie, Butter Pecan Pie, and others. These are some of the best pies in the Vancouver area.